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:bulletred: So sorry about the "OC Folder 2" thing not being able to be opened...but I've finally got around to it to fix it for you guys so... Fluttershy's YAY Badge by ZuTheSkunk
:bulletgreen: Another thing, for those ponies who keep submitting their deviations to the wrong folder, please watch out what type of folder you submit these things to because it's getting really annoying for us admins to keep cleaning up the folders just because of that. It stopped for awhile but It's starting to happen again more frequently now...
:bulletred: Upcoming Affiliations...some of them doesn't have anything to do with MLP. So also keep in mind; if you want to affiliate with our group, make sure it's related to MLP ponies or else we WILL decline like most of the groups we turned down so far in the past year.
:bulletgreen:Now for the "Contest Announcement"...I'm so sorry for the delay & flames about the very long waiting business! D: One of the Co-admins was supposed to tally everything up & announce the winners sooner, but because of still no answers from him, I had to do everything at the last minute yesterday. Again, I'm so sorry!

:bulletred:Now to get to the winners...
I've tallied up all of the counts for the contest and it seems:…, #4 is First place! By :iconkirajoleen:
insanitylittlered.deviantart.c…, #6 is in Second place! By :iconinsanitylittlered:… ,#1 is in Third place! By :icondarksupasonic:

So :iconcongratsplz: to the people who have won! And thank you guys who have participated in our contest! :D

The following winners please "Note" me for your prizes!


:bulletgreen: As for the upcoming year of 2013, we'll definitely have more contests coming up, more folders opening up to the group, & hiring more admins to lend a hoof, so stay tuned for those journal entries! :D

We want to make this year the best!

Happy Holidays & stay warm! :heart: