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Rules & Information

Group Rules

Art we won't accept:

  • Content that isn't created by the person submitting the art piece. This will therefore include anything made in/from: bases, creators, games, and many other such programs and sources.
  • Mature content, this includes, but isn't limited to: alcohol, drugs, porn, violence.
  • Submissions that include one of the following: blurry photos or scans, lined paper, the default deviantART watermark, and sketches.
  • Crossovers, fanfics, Tumblr posts, basically if we don't have the folder for it we're not accepting it.
  • Advertisements.

Art Submissions

If you're not sure what goes where, take a look at this journal before asking. If you're still not sure, send the group a note.


If there are any questions pertaining your work being declined please leave a comment on the submission in question. This will speed up the process of us being able to help you with your problem.

Common Mistakes While Submitting:

  • Group of characters go in "Mixed Characters" folder.
  • If the an OC is in the submission, even if it is Anthro, Human, Equestria Girl or Group Shot it goes in "OC" folder.
  • Equestria Girl, Human and Anthro version of a character goes into Altered Form version folder where there is a sub-folder for each category.
  • There is a folder for each Secondary Charcters and Background Characters (Background characters either only have one speaking line and only show up once or they show up multiple times in the background but never speak a line of dialogue.
  • Coplay of a character goes in Other Arts folder (In the future might be a "Cosplay" sub-folder in that folder.)

Appreciate the acknowledgement when submitting your submissions.
Sincerily the Admins,


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Gryphyn-Bloodheart Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Writer
Please consider affiliating with EqD-Customs - The purpose of this group is to have a space where custom MLP artists and their fans can easily collect their favorite pieces to be submitted to the Equestria Daily Custom Compilation. Our goal is to increase custom art submissions to EqD and help make custom compilation posts more regular - and increase exposure for custom artists!

I know our group is really small right now, but affiliation with this group would help us grow a lot faster :)
EternalCha0s Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
would you like to affiliate with us? Canterlots-Finest
alternatepony Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
We usually prefer a group to have at least 50 members before we affiliate, this is because without the initial members  new groups tend to fail and become dead groups. So come back at the end of the month and if you have around 50 members then I'll affiliate. Unless another admin wants to before then.
EternalCha0s Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright! Thank you!
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