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Hello members! We're very honored and delighted to be one of the biggest MLP groups. But with that comes responsibility for our Admins, as with choosing deviations that belong and/or don't belong in a specific gallery- or may not be in any relation to MLP at all.

Since this issue comes very often, we would like to share what correctly belongs in each folder, hoping it may help you. Some of the folders that we have no problems with will not be displayed below:

Fanfiction Folder: This is what we have the most issues with. Non-literature items, such as journals, comission info, or any other deviation are sometimes placed into this folder. (Though, literature that is in the info descriptions of a picture can be allowed: Just notify us before submitting.) Please DO read the title of the folder before just placing your deviation here since it's the first thing you'll probably see when submitting. This is what we're ONLY looking for: MLP:FiM - Family is Forever
It was a sunny and warm day of summer, like any other. Or, it could have been, if it hadn't been the day when Scootaloo learned the terrible truth.
It was also the day of the grand annual reunion of the Weather Pegasi family. A long awaited moment for the related winged ponies who got together, from all over Equestria, to share news and see friendly faces for the first time in a year. Everyone looked forward to the party, but Scootaloo was an exception.
Each year, at those reunions, she couldn't help but always have this awkward feeling of being 'out of place', as each time some members of the family would look at her, then whisper strange things between themselves about 'how sad it was' and 'how a shame it was that they couldn't be there' and then moved away, to continue their conversation in private. It didn't help that she was pretty much the only pegasus of her color, as almost every other were white, black or grey, different shades of blue and green and even one pink, that
, MLP: Eyes and Hourglasses, Chapter I
Chapter I:  "Mail Call"

Written by Diane N. Tran
Derpy Hooves was Ponyville's neighbourhood mail-mare.  When she was first hired for this job, there was a great deal sniggering all over Cloudsdale for hiring the ridiculous, little cross-eyed pegasus.  Luckily for her, looks can be deceiving and, in time, she became the best mail-mare that Ponyville ever had.
Letter by letter, parcel by parcel, she would work her way from one end of town to the other, zipping from house to house, building by building, slipping envelopes into each mail-box and each mail-slot, and waving to each pony she passed by.  Through rain, wind, or shine, she was there every morning without fail and one thing she always prided herself on was never being late and, today, she was ahead of schedule. If she kept this up, she might treat herself with muffins at Sugarcube Corner — a dozen<

Fan Made Items: This folder is for strictly hand-made crafts that aren't drawn. e.g: Try me, Ma'am! by Zis-Zas, Bronycon Plushies by WhiteDove-Creations, Updated List of Bags for Sale by WhiteDove-Creations (Please don't dump any OC drawings here, having it to be a common place for that mistake).

Secondary Ponies: This folder is what most members have some trouble with. It's mostly for ponies who aren't main charcters, but had at least more than one speaking role in the series. e.g: Sketch -Big Mac by sophiecabra, Zecora by harwicks-art

Background Ponies: This folder is for ponies who just appears in the background, with no role whatsoever. e.g: Lyra and Bon Bon (Bench) by nikolaz15, MLP: The Doctor and Companion by TsaoShin, Happy Flitter by GameMasterLuna, Minuette by Anjilasaurus

Vectors This is the folder where deviations  that are transparent can be put in (However, an image that has a certain feature with a vectorized image, and not just copy/paste on a wallpaper, will also do) . Any vectorized images should be placed in this folder. Even if it has something to do with the Mane 6-- Please put it in here! She's just being Pinkie Pie by BlackGryph0n, Angry Wet Ponies Are Angry... by TabbyDerp

Animations/Pixels: Any moving deviation is allowed in this folder, with nothing else but it. Retro Fighting is Magic [VIDEO IN DESCRIPTION] by RenaTurnip,

*Wallpapers are also no longer allowed here.

:bulletblack: If do, please read this carefully and take some consideration with folder placement. Rather you choose to read this journal or not, you will be addressed fairly if you carelessly break the rules. :thumbsup:

With any other folder that hasn't been mentioned is fine for now. Just try to think twice before submitting your deviation anywhere in the group...and do keep in mind that if you're the same member that breaks the rule countless times will be given a fair warning before consequences.

*As for now, some folders will be locked, due to some cleanups!
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Ponies who are peeking

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Group Info/Rules...


:bulletred: First off, let me just say "Welcome to our group!" to the newest members here! c:

:bulletblack: Here are the rules to follow for the group:

Submit art to the right folder please!
No chain-mail on the comment box below, or it'll be reported as "spam".
If you want your commissions or donations to be featured in our next journal, then note this group and hopefully one of us will get around to it.
If you, as the same member, submit something to the wrong folder more than 3 x with multiple warnings, then you'll be kicked out.

:bulletred: Background Ponies folder is for ponies who barely speak more than two lines of dialogue. Therefore the Secondary character foldewr exists for the likes of Big Mac, Grannie Smith, Cherilee, Zecora, Spitfire, Breaburn, Mr and Mrs. Cakes, The Mayor and now

:bulletblack: Villians also includes the likes of Gilda, Lightning Dust and another character who doesn't get a redemption.

:bulletred: Affiliations would have to be related to MLP or such, or we won't accept them...

:bulletblack: We get new Contributors every 2-3 months for some help - only if we need it, though C:

:bulletred: Contests will be held every 2-3 months as well.

:bulletblack: Also, congrats for 10,000+ members! :D

If you have further questions about the group, then please send us a note!

Share a Llama! :llama:

If you'll like, help donate some points to the group!



Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks- "Battle of the Bands"



*Please READ before Affiliating!*--> :bulletblack:No affiliating with groups not related to MLP!
:bulletblack: Your group must have more then 300 members!
:bulletblack: Group must be active
:bulletblack: We won't affiliate with a cliché group, meaning we won't affiliate with the same groups, so it has to be different then the ones we already affiliated with.
:bulletblack: Please feel free to browse within our affiliation list to know what we're looking for In a group.


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